At IKEA Centres we develop, own and manage shopping centres where we focus on long-term management and continuity. Our tenant mix combines the best of international retailers with the best of local brands, together with a strong family focus. Like many centres, ours are well designed, professionally operated, and with a carefully selected tenant mix. Our centres are always situated in the very best locations. But unlike other shopping centres, we have an IKEA store as main anchor. 

We can offer leasing opportunities in both existing and planned projects throughout all our countries (see table below). For a complete overview of our product portfolio, please click on the links in the table or contact us directly to discuss your future with us.


Location Centre Concept Ext. New GLA Opening
Essen Essen Stand alones     40000 1996 / 2012 (Roller)
Hamburg Hamburg Moorfleet Stand alones     51100 2002
Cologne-Am Butzweilerhof HOMEPARK SHOPPING Cologne Am Butzweilerhof Retail Park     62500 2009 / Being Extended 08.2014
Colgone -Godorf Cologne Godorf Stand alones     58500 1998
Koblenz HOMEPARK SHOPPING Koblenz Retail Park     49800 2006
Lübeck LUV SHOPPING Luebeck Shopping Centre     75000 2014
Mannheim HOMEPARK SHOPPING Mannheim Retail Park     51100 2004
Oldenburg HOMEPARK SHOPPING Oldenburg Retail Park     52600 2008
Saarloius HOMEPARK SHOPPING Saarlouis Retail Park     32900 1998/2014
Ulm HOMEPARK SHOPPING Ulm Retail Park     63700 2003
Wallau HOMEPARK SHOPPING Wallau Retail Park     50700 1987 / 2014
Würzburg HOMEPARK SHOPPING Wuerzburg Retail Park     54700 04.04.2014