13 - 03 - 07  Press Release


At 11 o’clock Mayor Bernd Saxe, Senator for Construction Franz-Peter Boden, the future store manager Karin Reuchlen and Rainer Bastian, Country Manager of Inter IKEA Centre Germany, symbolically laid the foundation for the first shopping centre and the 47th Swedish furniture store in Lübeck in Germany.

"Here in the Hanseatic city we found an ideal location with great potential and prospects," said Rainer Bastians. "The proximity to Scandinavia is ideal for us as well as the easy access. We are proud to open the first shopping centre of IKEA in Germany in such a unique location." The furniture store will open this winter 2013/14, the grand opening of the shopping centre is planned for spring 2014.


400 new jobs for Lübeck
In Lübeck-Dänischburg IKEA builds together with Inter IKEA Centre Germany a furniture store, a shopping centre and additionally a DIY store; the sales area is 60,000 sqm in total. IKEA invests € 120 million in the new location in Lübeck-Dänischburg. For customers, 2,600 parking spaces are planned, but also the use of public transportation such as bus and train will be provided.

In the future about 250 employees will work at IKEA in Lübeck - about 200 of which will be new workplaces. An additional 150 new jobs will be created in the shopping centre, another 50 in the DIY.


Geothermal heating and cooling
The environment plays a big role in the new shopping centre as well as in the IKEA store. "Here in Lübeck we go for the use of geothermal energy," said Rainer Bastians. Using special probes, the heat of the ground can be used for heating and cooling of the buildings. "This geothermal system helps us to reduce the CO2 emission by 870 tons each year." An additional 450 tones of CO2 can be saved through a photovoltaic system on the roof of the shopping centre and furniture store. Warm water will be delivered through a solar thermal system. To safe water all toilets will be operated with well water. "Thanks to this innovative technology, we can save over 1,300 tones of CO2 in Lübeck," said Bastians.


Further, IKEA wants to support the local economy and the trade and was able to have some major contracts awarded to local companies.


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