Lübeck: Planning permission received and 62% signed lease contracts.

12 - 12 - 13 

On December 13th, the building authority gave us the building permission for LUV SHOPPING in Lübeck-Dänischburg. We are planning to start construction works in January 2013. Estimated Grand Opening: Spring 2014.

Currently we have 62% signed lease contracts (without DIY). Tenants who already signed lease agreements: Saturn, EDEKA, C&A, CB Mode, Villeroy & Boch, Spielemax, Görtz Shoes, Vino, Schuback Perfums, Klindwort Pharmacy, Jaloucity, Depot, T-Shirt total and Hornbach (DIY).

Project Highlight Germany: Scandanavian Flair on Germany’s Baltic Coast

With the opening of LUV SHOPPING, Scandanavian lifestyle will begin in the Lübecker Bucht - in the middle of an attractive area in one of the most popular vacation spots in Germany. With around 60 shops, this is the most significant German project in Lübeck-Dänischburg as yet.

For people from Hamburg to Schwerin and for millions of tourists, our future LUV SHOPPING in Lübeck-Dänischburg presents unique flair, one-of-a-kind architecture, and a diverse family-friendly shopping experience. In the around 60 shops on 75,500 m2 GLA (incl. IKEA) the range of offers extends from furnishings to fashions to outdoor and sport.

The site is attractively located directly on the river Trave so that the planned proprietary boat dock will offer interesting possibilities for marketing promotions and for luring tourists for a visit. Tourists are certainly a success factor. Almost 13 mio. tourists make a day trip to Lübeck every year, and over one million visitors stay over night.