13 - 09 - 13  Press Release


On Monday, construction begins for the new homepark on the site of IKEA Würzburg. But the diggers have already been on the move for quite some time: In mid-July, the preparatory building work, such as groundwork, began. From its opening in spring 2014, a broad shopping experience awaits customers, with products from the furniture, kitchen, baby and toy, pet and bicycle departments. Inter IKEA Centre Deutschland (IICD) is investing about 22 million Euro in the new site on Mainfrankenhöhe. 

A specialist pet store will also be at the new Homepark in Würzburg in the form of Kölle Zoo. The pet shop offers a wide range of products for domestic pets. Up to now, other tenants include furniture discount store ROLLER, kitchen specialist MEDA and Danish furniture store Dänisches Bettenlager. 

“We are looking forward to being able to offer customers at the Würzburg site an even more extensive shopping experience for the entire family in the near future,” says Rainer Bastians, managing director of IICD. 85 percent of the retail market plots are currently let. “We believe that 100 percent of the plots will have been leased by the winter,” says Bastians. Products will also be offered in the bicycle and baby/toy departments, among others. The total size of the retail stores is about 20,000 m² (gross floor area). 

The IICD, a sister company of IKEA, develops retail parks with a wide range of home and home furnishing products. Retail parks have also been opened on the IKEA sites of Hamburg-Moorfleet, Oldenburg, Essen, Cologne-Godorf, Hofheim-Wallau, Koblenz, Ulm, Mannheim and Saarlouis up to now. The first large IKEA shopping centre is being developed in Lübeck at the moment. 

IKEA Würzburg opened in June 2009 and currently employs 280 people. About another 100 workplaces will be created in the retail park.